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Pole Star offers a full work delivery system.

Pole Star Work Delivery System



The person responsible for delivering the work either uploads or creates a remit. This is a high-level work requirement. The remit is issued to a manager to carry out a full scope of work on site.


The manager goes to the site with the digital remit and add indIvidual scope items based on the remit. The scope items are qualified and photographed.


The manager nominates several contractors from a pool to tender for the work. The contactors are notified by email they have work to be tendered. The scope is copied to a contractor area where they can add more scope items, a price, duration, delivery time etc.


Once the tenders are in the manager can award a contract. The winning contractor receives an acceptation email and the loosing contractor(s) receives rejection emails. Upon award a job is created in the system for the winning contractor.


The job status goes live once the contractor is on site and has recorded their 1st activity. All high-level activities are recorded against the job including, daily records, incidents and accidents.

Extension of Time

The contractor can request an EoT (Extension of Time). This is sent to the manager to accept or reject.

Site Audits

Managers can audit the site and compete PGI’s (Planned General Inspections) against any part of the site works.

Daily Records

A new daily record is created every day by the contractor. They collect information about the people on site, vehicles on site and daily activity. Each item of the scope is required to have a close out photo and notes to verify the job is complete. Only when all scope items are closed out can a job be completed.

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