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Upload files to the system to automatically populate and update data.


Export all the data at the touch of a button. Include children associated to the selected assets. Bespoke exports can be configured to export transform the data.

Condition formatting

Set different markers to show status of the data. As the data changes the markers change.

Email alerts

Setup automatic email to instantly alert users of issues. Set the trigger on data criteria.

Schedule tasks

Set tasks within the system to carryout activity like back up files. Schedule tasks can be set up with different intervals and set to different users or groups.

Hierarchy Diagram

Press the hierarchy button to show the hierarchy of the data. This allows you to easily view and navigate data in the hierarchy.


Instantly view the relationship databases and the associated data entry points in a schema diagram.


Data can be archived in the system. This allows old data to be used in dashboards but not included on the handsets or main data sets. This data still contributes to your data count.



Data can be deleted. This puts the data in a recycle bin. It will then be removed permanently at a pre-defined interval. This data does not contribute to your data count.

System Config

Automatically create a system guide with all system configuration.


View your data on a live dashboard. We configure each dashboard to suit your requirements.

Quickly see a view of safety, issues, compliance, productivity, finances and much more. Dashboards can be clicked into to show your more details about your data.

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