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Pole Star Features

My Info

Store all information about yourself on your profile. Upload a profile picture. Names, Aliases, email address, Home address, Next of kin, Associated company bodies, registration numbers etc.


Company Info

Store all information about your company on the company section. Upload a logo. Add registration number, Financial information.


All staff information is captured in one location. Availability and capability is managed through this section. Holidays, sickness and other available is stored. Competency, training and licences are stored to give capability.

Tools Info

Manage all tools in the system. Create an asset register of all tools. Be able to check tools out so you know who has what.

  • APIS rename API’s
  • Look and Feel

Multiple Projects

Add multiple projects to your account. This is useful for different sectors, departments or tasks.


Manage all users in the system. Add, edit, de activate and delete users. The system is set to automatically onboard user to the system once they have an invite. Seasonal staff can be managed by de-activating and re activating accounts.


Add users to groups to give them collective access to projects and settings.


Manage permissions on each user by allocating them to a permission area.


View all the devices with the system. Shows device ID, user, make, model, app version, OS version, last access data and time.


This is an overview of the resources used in the system. It shows the number of users, amount of data, devices, projects, forms, tasks.

APIs (Application Programming Interface)

We build bespoke API’s to allow Pole Star to communicate with 3rd party systems


ETL (Export transform load)

Pole Star has a built-in ETL tool which allows us to copy data from multiple sources transform it into new information and load it automatically in Pole Star.


Relationship database

Pole Star databases are relationship based allowing them to be connected in a hierarchy and perform specific tasks on each database.

Look and Feel (LAF)

The LAF controls the look of the site. Control the colour, logos, fonts and formats of the site.

Mapping layers

Pole Star has a GIS (Geographical Information System) at its core. View your data on a map. Assets can be geographically associated and linked. The mapping tools allow you to add markers, lines, polyline and polygons. Use the condition formatting to show statuses of the data on the map. The spatial layers can be calculated to show location, length and area. Geo fences can be applied to update data within the fence.

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