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All your signal and gantry information in one place.

Signals and Gantries

Pole Star is responsible for the data capture, evaluation and management of >50,000 signals and gantries.

Pole Star Signals Asset Management System



Site engineers use the Pole Star app to capture the exact location of each signal post or gantry and identify exactly what it consists of.

The system asks a series of questions about the base, post, gantry, supporting and associated assets like ladders and walk ways.


Inspections can be performed on each signal or gantry. A unique set of question are asked about each part of the signal post or gantry.

Pole Star enables you to:

  • View all previous exams
  • View all previous open defects
  • Take photos and annotate
  • Answer questions quickly and efficiently
  • Generate a PDF report at the touch of a button


The information gained form site is instantly available on the website (connection required).

Dashboards and reports are driven from the data to show the weakest assets and critical defects. Use the system to drill down into the asset portfolio.


Defects can be raised on site. Specific questions are asked about each defect and a score is given.

Pole Star enables you to:

  • Raise defects on site
  • Take defect photos and annotate
  • Raise critical defects on site and raise with an urgent defect report
  • Estimate cost
  • Review previous defects on site and comment on change
  • Close out defects on site with a close out photo and comments
  • Review defects in the office and verify
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