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Modules tailored to your requirements

Pole Star Systems are focused on helping you manage the assets and staff of your company, specialising in infrastructures, offering asset management systems to clients with safety critical assets.

We have a selection of tailored modules that range from registering assets and equipment to allocating tasks to your workforce and external agencies. These have the flexibility to adapt to your needs, and the robustness to meet government and industry standards.

Pole Star Systems offers a range of modules, each enabling you to take control over different aspects of your organisations asset, maintenance and workforce operations. Below are the modules available, many of which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Technical Overview

Pole Star Modules

Asset Register

The asset register is the backbone to the entire system. This module enables you to register information about your assets and equipment including details, photos, images and files. The asset register is built as a hierarchy database allowing you to connect parent assets to child assets. There is no limit to how detailed you can go. It will also allow you to log this information on a GIS map and use condition formatting, heat mapping and various other visualisation tools. The maps can be swapped out for schematics of the asset to show where child assets are located within the parent. Search for asset using bar / QR code, searches or maps. All other modules of the system are associated with the assets in the asset register.



This module gives you the ability to check and inspect any asset in real time, anywhere and whenever it is required. Through this module, we offer bespoke inspections tailored to the needs of each sector that will support you in meeting both the local and national requirements of your sector.


This module gives you the ability to register defects against an asset. The system allows you to log details of defects: their history, risk score and the cost of repair. This module will also allow you to upload photographs, videos and audio.

Maintenance Management

This module will help you manage planned preventative maintenance and to perform scheduled maintenance on any asset. It can prioritise the maintenance of components that have been registered as defective after inspection, or on an ad hoc basis. The prioritisation can be shaped by a number of criteria that are either automatically or manually allotted. These criteria include a number of factors ranging from safety performance requirements to the budget available.

Workforce Management

This module will help you to allocate work to people, enabling you to seamlessly assign tasks to your workforce or subcontract tasks to external agencies. This ensures that the work will be carried out by the right people with the right tools, competencies and skills and that the individuals who are required are available.

Parts Management

This module enables you to keep track of all parts. The system will keep a record when a part is scanned out to be used and can automatically reorder parts when the quantity held in stock goes below a specified amount.



This module allows you to track equipment by logging the location where the equipment was last scanned. It also registers if the equipment is in transit as long as it is within 100 meters of the data logger. The module allows you to set up a geo-fence which will enable you to keep track of equipment within a specified area.


This module enables you to map assets and utilities such as electrical supplies, drainage etc. This lets you overlay different maps to keep track of weather, geology, historic buildings etc to which you can then add data about the utilities or assets.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

This module allows you to operate machines remotely. It will also enable you to pull data from the different devices and from a large range of remote monitoring systems allowing you to view the health of an asset for decay, trending, failure, security and assurance. This data can then be displayed on graphs or charts and can trigger alerts or alarms if required.

BIM (Building Information Model)

This module enables you to model the internal structure of a building and to visualise the details either in 2D through schematics or in 3D and 4D through augmented reality.


This module enables you to generate automated documentation for your onsite workforce such as Planned General Inspections, Incident Reports and Health and Safety Documents. These reports can be tailored to your needs and formatting requirements. Once completed, they can be stored on the system for review and emailed from Pole Star enabled devices to colleagues or customers.

Incident Reporting (Health and Safety App)

This module enables you to generate health and safety reports and in the unfortunate event that a mechanical accident occurs, these reports can then by emailed directly from Pole Star enabled devices.

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