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Pole Star has been offering lone working systems for the past 3 years. It is used as part of the native Pole Star mobile data capture application or as a stand-alone product. There are two lone working systems available. Active and Passive.

Pole Star Lone Working


Passive Lone Working

The passive lone working system monitors the location and status of the handset in a discreet way. The user does not have any notification the handset is activated or sending data.

The location is sent at a changeable pre-defined frequency chosen by the person managing the system. The frequency can be adjusted in real time if there is a signal.


A dashboard displays the location of each of the users being monitored showing their route and history.

Passive Lone Working Returns

  • GPS Location
  • Battery level
  • WiFi signal strength
  • 3/4G signal strength


Active Lone Working

The active lone working system is operated by the handset user. It sends a message to the user at a pre-defined period asking them to acknowledge a message. If the message is not acknowledged an alert is raised to their manager. The frequency of the messages can be changed as well as the alert. The alert can be an email, sms and or call to the manager.

When the manager receives an alert additional information from the handset is sent including:

  • GPS Location
  • Battery level
  • WiFi signal strength
  • 3/4G signal strength

This helps the manager make an assessment on the hardware before following a man-down protocol.


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