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Pole Star has been working with some of the largest infrastructure asset management companies since 2012 to create a suite of systems for infrastructure asset management tools.

We have been involved in digitising Network Rail standards NR/L3/CIV/006 for the examination of structures and inspections of buildings, NR/L3/CIV/065 for the examination of earthworks . We have also created a digital inspection for BD 63/17 Highway Structures: Inspection and Maintenance. The outcome is a comprehensive set of systems available for infrastructure asset management across buildings, roads, rail, signals, telecoms, electrical, drainage, utilities and earthworks.

The systems are an end to end process of examination / inspections, defect capture, maintenance management and work delivery. Contractors and asset managers use the system in tandem to deliver world class asset management.

You are in good company

Elizabeth Line
Quattro Group


“Pole Star quickly and efficiently validated our schedule of assets for Stratford International Station Car Park, providing a new asset register. The project was delivered on time and on budget. The work was high quality and excellent value.”

Joseph Inniss​
Head of Asset Management
HS1 Limited

“Pole Star have delivered a world class drainage asset management system for Network Rail. We now have the ability to capture, record and manage over 1000 miles of railway drainage in the UK.”

Mark Coleman
Managing Director
GeoAccess Ltd

“On the whole I would like to praise Pole Star for developing a system that matched our requirements in a remarkably short period of time. The versatility of the system and the benefits it can provide to functions within the business have been demonstrated clearly.”

Mark Evans
Asset Manager
Network Rail

“By using Pole Star we have gained numerous benefits:

A reduction of failed enabling sites to zero
Increased visibility of what has been achieved
Overall reduced cost in examination
NR commercial have a live audit process
Full history of enabling”

Tony Scott-Bishop
Project Manager
Network Rail

“Pole Star adopted a dynamic approach to design development and build throughout the lifecycle of the Structures Asset Evaluation Dashboard project. This was essential as with such a broad range of stakeholders the requirements were constantly evolving. Pole Star delivered changes and updates in incredibly quick timeframes allowing us to suggest, review and edit the final product with ease through development and testing. The final product has met the needs of our stakeholders and offers significant value to Network Rail.”

Josh Chappell
Project Manager (Change)
Network Rail

“We increasingly need to be able to bring together imperfect data to evaluate risk. In a space where strategic IT solutions are often slow and difficult to deliver, Pole Star have brought refreshing agility and engagement and in a short space of time been able to help us improve our decision making.”

Nick Tedstone
Professional Head
Network Rail

“With Pole Star’s expertise they were able to develop a method of tracking the movements of our equipment using the latest Bluetooth technologies without the need for any requirement for any physical intervention by our staff that would enable us to quickly plot the movements and the exact location of the items delivered to our Customers sites across the UK and between our depots nationwide by our transport fleet.

This has enabled Quattro Group to better manage the movement of its fleet and improve utilisation of these items to suit our customers’ requirements.”

Jason Gallagher
Systems Manager
Quattro Plant Ltd

“Pole Star assisted Wessex Route with building a bespoke Structural Assessment software. This enabled us to move away from managing our portfolio via series of spreadsheets onto transparent, efficient and reliable on-line platform. Pole Star’s client focused, proactive and engaging approach allowed us to complete this extremely complex task within timescale, delivering high end product as per the client’s expectations.”

Justyna Jakubowska
Senior Asset Manager
Network Rail


“Pole Star are a professional company who administered our requirement in a logical fashion ensuring the new system meets our requirements whilst keeping the business going. The existing infrastructure helped develop our requirement and the experience of the team enabled a proactive collaboration between design and build stages processed in a timely manner. Coombes would recommend Pole Star to any clients wishing to streamline their IT reporting process."

Craig Ross
Project Manager

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