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Handset Overview

Pole Star Features


Pole Star stores all data to the handsets making it fully offline. Map packs are downloaded.

Mapping Layers

View your data on a map and turn on and off map layers and spatial information.

Bluetooth connection

Connect Bluetooth devices to the handset. Connect survey equipment, thermostats, vehicles etc.

Where am I?

Press a button to show where you are standing on the map and Latitude and Longitude.


Where is it?

Select an asset and show direction and distance. 


Where are they?

This allows the website users to know the location of the mobile users while they are using the data capture.

Take me to

Select an asset and use the building satellite navigation to direct you to the asset.

Active Lone working

Use the active lone working system to alert your company of distress. Set up a process for alerts.


View your data on a calendar. Receive work orders. Sort the calendar items. Use the condition formatting to show statuses of the data on the calendar.

QR / Barcode Scanner

Use the QR / Barcode scanner to find data in the system quickly and efficiently.


I Button

Add information to each question to give the user instruction.

Types of I button:

  • Pdf
  • Text
  • Image


Replace the map with building schematics and maps.



Generate pdf reports at the touch of a button. Once created they can be sent via the handset to email address with a message.

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