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What support is available for the system?

We offer options on support.

  • Bronze: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday excluding Holidays.
  • Silver: 09:00 – 17:00 7 days a week.
  • Gold: 24 / 7.

If we are using maps for geolocation can they be colour coded?

Yes. We can condition format the markers, lines and polylines.

Can you connect to 3rd party systems?

Yes. We have API’s. These allow us to connect 3rd party servers.

How do you archive our data?

We set up an archive routine based on your parameters. This can be once a specific activity is logged or at a specific time.

Can you generate condition alerts for the users at Log in or via notification?

Yes. We setup alerts depending on your business requirements. The alerts can be sent via email or SMS. The alerts can include information, links and activity like accept or rejects.

How live is the data i.e. how often does it sync?

Syncing requires signal. Syncing occurs every time the application is opened.  Syncing can be either automatic at a pre-defined interval or manual. The user can instruct a sync.

Is the system IOS capable?

Yes. The system has been built for both iOS and Android.

Can you use before and after photos for maintenance?

Yes. We configure photos to your requirements Typically once a job is deemed complete a mandatory after (close) photo is required.

How does the user experience get affected by loss of connection?

The app works completely offline. The only difference is the data will not sync until the handset regains signal.

Can we erase data from handsets?

Yes. You can delete the user profile which will delete the data on the handset once it tries to login into Pole Star.

Do contractors have their own log-ins?

Yes. All users are seated and group therefore individuals have their own login with the company or department they work.

Do you have system training guides?

Yes. All systems are fully documented with full training guides for each user group.

Will we have our own development team during roll out?

We designate a specific team to build each system.

Can we import data for use from other systems?

Yes. We upload and map data to the system via excel, csv or through an ETL.

Are there any system requirements needed to run your system on Laptop/Desktop/Phone?

Website requires access to an internet provider. The app works on both Android and iOS.

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