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Digital building management


Pole Star is responsible for digital building management of >4,000 buildings across the United Kingdom annually. We have developed an end to end building management system called B.A.M.S. (Building Asset Management System). It is widely used across Infrastructure and Leisure facilities.

Pole Star Building Asset Management System


Asset Register

The asset register is the backbone to the system. It is based on a hierarchy database allowing buildings to be split into floors, room, assets and elements. Every part of the building is taken into consideration including the fabric and Mechanical and Electrical. Buildings are plotted onto a GIS which allows the entire portfolio to be populated. If available, the map is replaced with the plans of the building and the user can visualise the location of the assets within the buildings.

You can store:

  • Site Details
  • Building Photos
  • Files / Drawings


Building inspections are uploaded to the system to enable inspectors to carryout digital inspections of the buildings. Inspections are customised for each client. The inspectors capture condition-based defects as well as the over health of the asset. Inspectors find the asset by either using search, the plan or a QR barcode scanner.

Repairs & Maintenance

All repairs and maintenance are managed through the system. Condition based defects are combined with PPM (Planned preventative maintenance). PPM can be either uploaded to the system or added manually. Maintenance can be sent to the right contractor at the right time.


  • Raise defects on site
  • Take defect photos and annotate
  • Raise critical defects on site and raise with an urgent defect report
  • Estimate cost
  • Prioritise
  • Review previous defects on site and comment on change
  • Close out defects on site with a close out photo and comments
  • Review defects in the office and verify

Health & Safety

Use several health and safety tools.

  • PGI’s (Planned General Inspections) forms for audits. Atomically generate a PGI pdf.
  • Capture slips trips and falls. Automatically raise a RIDDOR if applicable.
  • View stats on incidents and put in place alerts for volume, location and types.


There are several reports available to assist management do their job.

Dashboard – We build you a bespoke dashboard showing you any information captured across your portfolio. Dashboards can be at Portfolio level, site level or customised.

PDF Generator – PDF’s can be generated from any of the data.

Export Report – We customise the exports to generate you the raw or transformed data at the touch of a button. Export reports can be in Excel or CSV.


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