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Pole Star Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking

Pole Star is at the leading edge of asset tracking. We have created our own in house asset tracking systems. We use Bluetooth beacons to give the location of their assets back to a data logger.

Know what you have and where it is at the press of a button.

Pole Star Asset Tracking


Asset Register

A complete asset register forms the backbone of the system.  All assets details are uploaded to the system and can include asset information, files and photos.

Types of assets includes:

  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Stock


All assets are fitted with a Bluetooth beacon. These beacons have a battery life expectancy of 2-3 years. They are IP68 rated, easily attached via a steel cable or glued to the asset. There a robust and have been tested in some of the harshest environments on site.

Depots, Yards, Warehouses and Stores

Static data loggers are installed at your premises. These have a range of 30m (line of sight). These are IP68 rated. Powered by the mains or solar/wind.


Vehicle data loggers are installed in your vehicles. These data logger give the location of the vehicle as well as pick up the assets within a 30m range (line of sight).


We have a team of professional installers ready to install data loggers into vehicles or at our premises.

Asset Tracking

The system automatically scans all assets attached with a beacon. All assets successfully scanned will show on an interactive dynamic map. Asset can be lookup using a quick search or found on a map. Alert and alarms can be setup on assets.

Condition Formatting

Each Marker has a different colour to represent its status. These can be changed.


Green – Powered On
Red – Powered Off



Green – Powered On
Red – Powered Off


Red – Scanned <2 months
Amber – Scanned 2-4 months
Green – Scanned >4months

By selecting either the vehicle or depot you get a list of all assets last login in at that location.

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