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Asset Register

The asset register is where all asset are uploaded, added or deleted. The register is the system view of the assets requiring management.

Pole Star Asset Register


The asset register is the backbone to the entire system. This module enables you to register information about your assets and equipment including details, photos, images and files. The asset register is built as a hierarchy database allowing you to connect parent assets to child assets. There is no limit to how detailed you can go. It will also allow you to log this information on a GIS map and use condition formatting, heat mapping and various other visualisation tools. The maps can be swapped out for schematics of the asset to show where child assets are located within the parent. Search for asset using bar / QR code, searches or maps. All other modules of the system are associated with the assets in the asset register.

In control of your assets

Pole Star takes into consideration the entire asset life cycle of an asset.  The asset register is the starting point for the asset management system.

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