Asset Inspection

Condition based maintenance relies on an inspection / examination of the asset which identifies require maintenance.  Once the maintenance items are captured they form part of the maintenance management module.

The innovative and effective System

Inspection: Tool

The inspection tool gives the ability to carry out any type of examination or inspection using an iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Design or download a particular examination and make available instantly to your team. Any inspection or examination can be carried out using the site data capture tool.

In control of the data

Inspection Tool Features


A client database with client details and rides form the basis of the CRM. An easy to use booking tool allows you to add a booking to a client. Full booking history is shown. The bookings go through to the allocated inspector on site.


Alerts can be set to inform particular people instantly about information captured on site. Any question or series of questions can have an alert set against it. If the question is populated an automatic email can be sent with the relevant report to specific people. This is used to high light things like safety issues, urgent maintenance etc.


A built in navigation gives distance and direction of next inspection. This is very useful for large sites with spread out inspections and examinations.


Once the inspection is complete the information is automatically fed into a database with specific criteria set. The criteria are tuned to your specific business giving maintenance activities a ranking based on cost, safety, reputation, whole life cost, capability or performance. The outcome is a schedule of maintenance required according to the business rules. The rules can be applied directly or have a factor of human interaction as a form of evaluation..

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