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Introducing Pole Star

Tailored to meet your needs

Pole Star began life as a system designed to consolidate a number of disparate and reactive asset management tools into something more proactive and integrated. Over the years we have expanded and developed into a supplier of a range of bespoke and cost effective solutions to companies around the world.

What we stand for


Our company name is derived from Polaris, the North Star. The uniquely fixed position of the Polaris in the night sky has meant that for centuries it has been used as a navigation tool by sailors to help them find safe passage and dry land. Like our namesake, we see our system as a fixed point: a networked collection of integrated and affordable modules that allow you to navigate your company towards greater and more reliable safety procedures and that will support you in meeting government and industry standards.

A Star is Born

Pole Star is created from a fusion of asset management and software. The founding partners created a software solution which allowed all the elements of asset management to be captured in a handheld device from site and instantaneously synced to a website where it can be interrupted and interrogated.


Network Rail buy the 1st ever licence of the Pole Star software. The brief is to capture defects on site and generate reports. Very quickly it gets adopted by numerous departments including maintenance, asset management, work delivery and contractors.


Carillion adopt Pole Star to inspect and examine the East London Line (ELL) for TFL. New features and functionality are added to capture asset information, defects and generate examination reports inline with the Network Rail standard NR/L3/CIV/006. Network Rail deepen their requirements by adding risk sites and planned general inspections (PGI’s).


TFL require examinations of their earthworks so a new inspection is created inline with Network Rails standard NR/L3/CIV/065. Remote condition monitoring (RCM) is added to the Pole Star portfolio. This allows Pole Star to connect into 3rd party monitoring systems and analyse results create alerts and update asset information remotely.


Pole Star pioneers asset tracking and sign our first client Quattro Plant, >1,200 assets, >400 vehicles in 12 depots. Asset tracking show the last known location of an asset, counts assets at depots and can show what is on which delivery lorry.  Infrastructure sub-contractors start to use Pole Star with the signing of McGinley.


ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procure Scheme) chooses Pole Star to deliver a national inspection system for all rides and devices in the UK.  >7,500 rides will be inspected annually and all DOCs will be created using Pole Star creating a paperless solution. We launch our facility management system Pole Star CAFM. This is a fully incorporated and customisable module for facility management.


Following a re-brand of our logos and apps we expand into the renewable energy and utilities sector. Our remote condition monitoring (RCM) is used to manage more than 30 solar farms providing a database and taking readings every second. In partnership with ADIPS we are commissioned to develop the public facing DOC system, allowing general public to see the safety status of individual rides.

National Asset Management Systems

We have successfully delivered the Network Rail evaluation dashboard pulling together >1M data attributes on over 250,000 Bridges, Culverts, Retaining Walls and Ancillaries nationally. We have launched a new inspection app to capture the asset location and condition of every signal post, gantry and location box in the country.

We have recruited a new business development director, Justine Shepherd to head up Leisure and Attractions. The team have been working hard delivering more theme park safety management and operational systems.

Our team has increased significantly with more developers and support staff. Ryan Terink is our new System Manager who is responsible for System build and support.

We have achieved corporate membership of the Institute of asset management and have been awarded cyber essentials certificate.

Expanding into the future

Following on from the very successful year we are expanding the development team and sectors. We are recruiting key positions with another Development architect, User experience designer and an Infrastructure asset management lead.

We are designing the next phase of the ADIPS inspection system which will connect Inspectors, Controllers, the HSE and Public into one system. We have been chosen to deliver the asset management system for both the East London Line and the Elizabeth line.

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